14 Karat Gold Grillz ($95  Per Tooth)

14 Karat Gold Grillz ($95 Per Tooth)

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14kt yellow gold is 58% pure gold. It has the best of all karats. It's strong and durable, has definition and more pleasing color.

It's not recommend that you eat, drink nor smoke will grillz. That will sometime cost it to tarnish, All orders will receive to jewelry cleaning cloth to maintain the livelihood and shine of your grill.

There's an additional $30 per missing, broken or chip tooth that will be applied to purchase. Please notify us so we can adjust the pricing.

  • If you do not have an impression mold and you'd like us to send you one, please purchase an Impression Starter Mold Kit with your order.
  • If you already have an impression mold of your teeth or wish to get it done locally please do so and send it to us along side a our order from



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